The winner of the 2006 Wizard World Film Fest and upcoming entrant in the San Diego Comic-con film festival, RAZOR SHARP will be making its comic book debut as part of a very special issue of The Sire: Revelations #2 – on sale August 15th. Packaged as a collectors item flip-book edition, fans can continue to unravel the mystery behind the SIRE as the stakes are raised to unimaginable proportions following issue #1. Sporting a stunning TYLER KIRKHAM cover, fans get even more comic book action as the reverse side of the issue is features the all-new RAZOR SHARP #0 debut. Winner of the 2006 Wizard World Film Festival and making its San Diego Comic-con debut in the action category next month, RAZOR SHARP takes place in a future where corporations strangle the nation with an Orwellian grip and the people are ruled by the whims of an insidious Board of Directors. The only hope: high-end corporate thieves known as Data Grifters. Part secret agent and part computer geek, they wage war to take back their country. Some with more finesse than others. Enter VERONICA SHARPE. She’s a terrible thief. Be sure to check out the RAZOR SHARP screening as part of the Comic-Con International film fest this weekend starting Thursday. It’s up for best action film, and if you’ve never seen the flick play to a crowd, you won’t have a better opportunity than this. But if you can’t make the screening, RAZOR SHARP will run all weekend long at the Wizard Magazine booth, where director/creator Marcus Perry will be promoting the first issue of the RAZOR SHARP/SIRE comic. Here’s the screening info: RAZOR SHARP Category: Best Action Film Thursday, July 26 12:15-12:50pm Room 26AB