So with the return of The Sire less than 2 months away I can’t help but talk about how excited at how it’s coming together…

I recently picked up two trades from my local comic store ( that were instrumental in the development of my early inspirations in comics: The Todd McFarlane Spider-Man Legends Trades. These trades collected McFarlane’s historic run on Amazing Spider-Man, which coincidentally mirror my initial entry into the Marvel Universe. And while McFarlane’s art still holds up over all these years, and pretty much speaks for itself, it dawned on me how much writer David Micheline gets overlooked as one of the premier seriel style writers we grew up with.

His pacing and juggling of the supporting cast coupled with his structure is pretty much the standard by how i write all my comics:
1. Initial battle sequence to draw the reader in.
2. Exposition in Act 2, plus setup of sub-plots that will culminate in later installments
3. Conclusion to main threat or villain introduced at the get go.

And having re-read these trades, along with the Sire TPB, a flood of new ideas have been brewing. Look forward to the return of the main three bad guys from Sire #1: Bard, Claw, and Paralys not to mention the introduction of several new good guys to aid our hero: Shatter, Cutthroat, Montor. New baddies The Executor, Streak and more will slowly infiltrate our world. And much further down the road, the return of some other familiar faces. All in all, i can’t tell you how excited I am to be EXCITED for these new tales to come. Plus, I’ll be working with some super talented contributors that will definitely be taking the comics world by storm. Oh, and I’ll be drawing my own character too. What-what?? Yeah. It feels good. In a classic kind of way.