So as I’m writing this I’m back from Honeymoon. Married my best friend and all is as it should be 🙂

Now that of course counts as one of those BIG things in life that we look back on with joy and inspiration. A couple LITTLE things happened recently that have helped motivate me ARTISTICALLY:

1) The Most Dangerous Game Kickstarter has been funded! While I did not create this book, my participation was the cover art that James Mascia enlisted me to draw. First and foremost, it’s a piece of art that i’m actually really PROUD of. There are some flaws, but ultimately, it came out pretty fricken sweet and I’m happy! And apparently so is one of our backers who bought it as soon as the package became available online. Like i said small verification that has boosted my confidence as an artist for sure

2) Got some tweets from folks that discovered The Sire on They loved it and wanted to know when more was coming. Again, a two second tweet of support that has me energized to keep making the book I love, even though it isn’t exactly supporting me these days. But who knows right? Through that my art will get better. The story will continue folks will read it and maybe continue enjoying it enough to purchase it every month and from there…

Bottom line? It’s been a really solid month for me. Ok, back to the drawing table i go! More to come soon!