We’re getting closer and closer to the Sire’s return. As it stands I want to get this right before launching anything and July 1st is closing fast. Will we get this launched in time? Can’t say for sure. What I can say is a whole crew of talented artists are working on bringing this to life. Including yours truly. Below I’ve got some drawings from the opener of Sire #7 that I’ve done. I’ll be tackling the first three pages followed by super talented Michael Bencic for the next installment of pages 4-10. Newcomer Jacob Newell rendered pages 11-15, while Sire vet Will Torres is finishing up pages 16-20. I’ll be rounding out this issue with the final two pages. Release dates online to come (again targeting July 1st with more installments to run all month, though timing it with San Diego seems much more likely). The issue will be available for print purchase just in time for Baltimore Comic-Con Aug 20-21. Cover by Dave Johnson! The next installment will be released online in August, with a print version in time for Comic-Con October 13th. This issue is already drawn as a matter of fact by another Sire regular Kris Karter. Cover by Talent Caldwell. Without further ado, take a look at some of the pages I’ve snapped up with my camera phone and get set for Sire to return!