Happy New Year Everyone! As I write this, I’m putting the final touches on the all-new Sire #7 before I send it off to the printer. To say this is a long time coming is an understatement, and I appreciate everyone’s patience and support in getting this new issue completed. (Subsequently, all pre-orders will be filled within the week!) But enough about the past, there’s plenty to look forward to in 2012! First, the release of the new Sire issue will give way to a brand new weekly web comic version of the series. Broken into panels and running each week for free on mikebooks.com, we’re moving ahead into the new digital age of comics. Once we’ve tallied enough material, we’ll package it up and make it available on our web site as the newest issue of the series for anyone jones’ing for a print copy (with a few extras thrown in as well). This will also ensure we don’t release anything before it’s ready so you print loyalists don’t have to wait so darn long for your copy. Announcements on when all that will happen are forthcoming. Simultaneous with the print copy, we’ll have each new packaged issue released on GRAPHICLY.com in super deluxe digital format, where you can use their app to toggle between the finished pages, the artwork underneath, the pencils and even the script! (There may even be some audio commentary as well, but we shall see.) All this will be available on their site for just 99 cents a download per issue. And if that’s not enough, right now, you can read the first two issues absolutely FREE as well as catch up on any issue you may have missed. Just visit: http://graphicly.com/mbd-studios/sire for more! A lot of excitement coming down the pipeline! While you’re at it, be sure to like The Sire on Facebook: http://facebook.com/SireComic And follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Michael_Dolce