Well, ok not really. I’d lose. Maybe. But I did just take a side gig writing for The Inquisitr.com recently so I’m all about trying to create eye grabbing headlines like these days. I know, I know, shameless. Just shameless. But let’s talk comics anyway.

If you’ve been following this blog recently you know I recently wrote a piece about setting goals for 2014. In it I set myself 5 goals for taking this OTHER beloved side gig (ie: making comics) and turning it into a full time gig. For those of you who missed, here we go:

1) Color 3 Pages Per Week

2) Blog Once A Week

3) Post 2 Web Comics A Week

4) Write 5 Pages Per Week

5) Be Social

Being that it’s the end of the month I figured, what they hey. It’s TALLY time. I’ll break it down by weeks:

Week 1 (January 6th-12th)
Got off to a decent start this week. I colored three pages for a freelance project I’m working on called The Cruzader by The Force Media. I also lettered two pages for a new project I’m working on with @talentcaldwell @Dreamflux and @DarrenSanch. But you already knew that if you saw my tweet on January 11th below:

In fact I was pretty much a working machine this week with the exception of actually drawing. Which is ok, because I didn’t put drawing down as one of my goals…yet. Plus I feel I was productive anyway.

Week 2 (January 13th-19th)
More Cruzader, more Hootsuite setup and more Blog posts. And when it came to writing I was darn near prolific. I re-wrote some script on a project I’m working on with a tremendous artist named Sousherpa called “The Undone.” Can’t spill the beans too much just yet. But be on the look out for a Kickstarter to come.

Week 3 (January 20th-26th)
This is where keeping track all fell apart for me. Did I write a new blog? You bet I did! Did I color more Cruzader pages? You bet I did! Did I keep track of how many? Not a chance! This week is a great example of how it can be TOUGH to stay on target even just keeping track of work i did. So it goes to show, we’re not perfect.

Week 4 (January 27th-now)
So far a lot of good stuff. Will be working on new Mainstream pages and lettering a book called Werewolf Run with @dancomicleister shortly. Also, an article I wrote for AM New York featuring my Q+A with Incubus front man Brandon Boyd JUST went live as well. I also started on more Cruzader pages – one more issue to tweak and then that project will see the light of day.

Ok folks, how’d you do? Did you have something similar? Did you come close to hitting your mark?