Descendant #2 hits Previews now! After liberating her people from Dr. Alexis Bane’s biomechanical mutants, Rayne Santiago is forced to embrace the pyrokinetic powers she’s spurned her entire life if she hopes to rescue her two brothers from horrific experimentation at Bane’s hands. But Rayne’s worst fears are realized when she storms Bane’s jungle compound and is forced to do battle with her own genetically altered kin. Want more information? The creators of Descendant have been interviewed on sites like and The Pulse – dishing the dirt on the new epic! Check out the links below: Pulse: CBR: And you can still order DESCENDANT #1 (MAY090301), in stores July 15th, 2009, until July 1st. Descendant #2 (JUN090378): Written by Michael Dolce & Marcus Perry. Art by Mariano Navarro. Cover by Tyler Kirkham. baskldfkjdfj dfjfds dfs dfsfdsfdf dfsfdsfdsdfs