Collected for the first time! When an alien creature is released on Earth, it genetically alters all who come in contact with its energy force. Now, hell bent on regaining its power there is only one man that can stop it: The SIRE – a lowly assistant forced to become Earth’s protector by his own costume.

Featuring a cover by Jim Califiore (DC Countdown) and featuring art by Talent Caldwell, Tyler Kirkham, Daniel Leister and more, this trade collects the red hot SIRE and SIRE: Revelations mini-series’ and features two all-new bonus adventures inside!

Cover by Jim Califiore
Written by Michael Dolce
Art by Talent Caldwell, Tyler Kirkham, Daniel Leister, Jose Holder & More
Published by MBD Studios Inc., 160 Pages Full Color.

The Sire is © and TM 2017 Michael Dolce.

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