SIRE creator interviewed at Jazma Online

2017-04-05T08:51:56-04:00October 17th, 2006|News|

Creator Michael Dolce was grilled on all things SIRE recently by Richard Vasseur and the fine folks at Jazma online. Here's a brief snippet: RV: How can a costume force a person to fight evil? MD: Thru pain! (laughs). If the SIRE doesn't follow the suit's internal commands, no matter what they are, he's struck [...]

The SIRE on iTunes

2017-04-05T08:51:50-04:00October 10th, 2006|News|

During the recent trip to the Baltimore Comic-Con, the crew behind the SIRE - Michael Dolce and Daniel Leister - were interviewed by the fine folks at Comic Blender. Now this interview, along with all previous podcasts of Comic Blender, are available for FREE via iTunes! Here's all you gotta do to watch: 1) Go [...]

IMPOSSIBLE TALES featured on The PULSE website

2017-04-05T08:51:43-04:00October 2nd, 2006|News|

After Shock isn't the only one making a splash these days. Our friends at After Hours Press are also quickly becoming known for their quality Indie offerings. The latest title to receive critical attention is IMPOSSIBLE TALES, a sci-fi adventure best described as, LOST meets JURASSIC PARK! In an in-depth interview, creators Darren Sanchez and [...]

Rising Star Tyler Kirkham named cover artist for SIRE #3

2017-04-05T08:51:38-04:00October 1st, 2006|News|

If you rushed out and bought the SIRE #2, or checked out page 213 of the December volume of Diamond Previews, you may have noticed the awesome rendition of the SIRE by rising superstar TYLER KIRKHAM. In case you didn't, it's official: Tyler Kirkham is officially the cover artist for the SIRE #3 - in [...]

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